you think it is rod iron?  Think again.  Tableaux provides the look and feel of wrought iron without the weight, the wait, or the cost. Constructed out of 100% post-industrial recycled wood fiber and formaldehyde-free resin, Tableaux is about 10% of the weight of conventional wrought iron-opening up limitless posibilities for doors, windows, ceiling etc. Tableaux is also a fraction of the cost of wrought iron, giving you the beauty and style without the heavy price.

Tableaux offers unlimited design, infinite sizes, shapes with authentic finishes to include faux or realistic organic finishes. The possibilities are endless from windows, doors, ceilings and walls. The way Tableaux is constructed, it is designed to be used inside or outside.  Tableaux is also GREEN!  The standards material is made from 100% recovered and recycled wood fibers.